Bisaten Story

 Bisaten™ Thermal Paint & Primer is the newest offering from GDM Di Maria, a legendary Italian family company based on the beautiful island of Sicily. The unmatched quality of this paint, which comes in a range of lustrous colors, matches practicality – energy-saving, anti-mold, eco-friendly and non-toxic, perfectly with the style and quality the world has come to expect from Italian décor and fashion.

The story of how a family company began in a simple town, with nothing but a dream and a belief in ethical manufacturing to creating ground-breaking products for the world market netting annual revenues of $15.3 million, is unusual and inspiring. It begins in 1925, when founder Giuseppe Di Maria starts a small company that he planned to employ his three sons, one of whom, Emilio, becomes a well-known artist, whose passion and talent applied both to his own paintings, and to the consistency and quality of the paint the company is producing. 

For the next fifty years, the business grows astronomically, as customer loyalty to GDM paint products increases. In 1972, the brothers see the need for a greatly expanded facility, and purchase a factory in the industrial area of Palermo, capable of meeting the market demand, employing close to 100 people. The 1990’s sees a new generation of the Di Maria family grow into leadership roles. Giuseppe’s three grandsons, all cousins, bring fresh ideas to the company’s research and design process, and in so doing, help shape the GDM brand into a trusted household name in Italy and several other lucrative markets in other countries around the world. 

Starting in 2000, the company quadruples the size of its facilities and upgrades to the newest, most advanced technologies available in the world, to increase and improve production capability. A huge warehouse is soon added to strengthen logistics. In 2013, the sons and daughters of the third generation begin working in the business, passionate about furthering their great-grandfather Giuseppe’s original dream.

It is a well-known fact that Italians are a people who deeply value family, loyalty and community. There is no greater example of this commitment than the GDM Company. Of the more than 130 employees the company has, many are also fourth generation employees, whose own families have been interwoven with the Di Maria family for almost 100 years. This is reflected in the pride GDM employees take in their part in creating products, which are both innovative and consistently excellent. GDM is renowned for the generous way in which it values and cares for all of its employees, prioritizing training and human resources, incentivizing best-in-class quality control at every step in the process, and compensating and retaining their team members as if they were literally family.

GDM’s state-of-the-art on-site laboratory is equipped with innovative tools and brilliant technicians, committed to staying ahead of the market curve, anticipating consumer trends and delivering superior new products and improving existing ones. Many of GDM’s 2000 products have been certified by specific industry protocols, indicating compliance with the highest global standards for environmental safety. This commitment stems from one of GDM’s long-held values; respect for the environment and the health and safety of its employees and the community at large.

Decades before regulations dictated that paint companies abide by eco-friendly protocols, GDM had already installed plants for water purification, dust abatement, distillation and the recycling and disposal of solvents and chemicals.  This culture of environmental sustainability defines GDM’s ethics and corporate responsibility. GDM is also constantly involved in sponsoring and promoting local sports teams as well as important art shows.

The company’s management has always believed in supporting and strengthening healthy community activity, and through this, being able to interact personally with society and learn of their concerns, needs and desires in a changing economy. The Bisaten brand was born out of this deep understanding of what their customers wanted and needed in an interior paint. Not only style and beauty, but also the ability to save money on heating and cooling costs and address other issues such as mold, microbes and condensation. Developed with 3M technology, Bisaten’s newest product stands alone in the global market in its quality and capabilities. It is the natural outcome of almost a century of GDM’s core values, courage and commitment to the planet.