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Welcome to a new era

Welcome to a new era, where your quest for style and quality in interiors and the paint you choose for your home no longer has to take a backseat to practicality and eco-friendly values. A time when it’s finally possible to find a beautiful, safe, Italian-made product designed to make interior spaces elegant and energy-efficient, anti-mold, anti-condensation, antimicrobial and affordable.

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Thermal Paint + Primer

Welcome to an extraordinary formula, now available in North America in a selection of gorgeous colors, this premium quality paint & primer is a patented, durable, non-toxic, water-based formula, providing a powerful thermo barrier, developed with 3M technology. Manufactured by a legendary family company, four generations strong, with ingredients still mined from the same Sicilian chalk cave they have owned since 1925.
Welcome to a new standard of luxurious quality and ecological purity for home interiors. Welcome to the world of Bisaten. Imagine the possibilities.

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Bisaten Thermal Paint & Primer’s unique insulation technology lowers heating and cooling costs by 26%, reducing uncomfortable summer heat and wintertime heat loss from homes and contains cool air from air conditioning equally, through its application on walls. Its thermal expansion and shrinkage boosts appliance performance.
Easy smooth application makes it suitable for use by commercial painters as well as homeowners taking on a DIY project.
Bisaten’s history of integrity, quality and innovation have proven to make homes, businesses, warehouses, schools, hospitals and industrial facilities safer and more energy-efficient year-round in Europe for decades.
Bisaten is the only water-based paint & primer in the world to provide It a thermo barrier plus anti mold and anti-condensation benefits. It destroys mold and prevents it from growing back.
Non-toxic, VOC-free, washable formula makes it safe for children and pets, and cleans up easily with soap and water.
Packaged in lightweight, recyclable containers for the health of the planet.